About Autoloader Decals

Have you ever wandered around the shelves of your local hobby store and found that perfect model kit? Great tooling, fun to build, and look! - you remember seeing the subject! Perhaps it was a truck in the ubiquitous white UN paint scheme in the newspaper, or maybe it was a Sherman tank from a local armour unit. Everything is lining up for a fantastic new project, one with a more interesting connection to yourself, instead of a project derived from a history book.

But then you open the kit, and there are none of these specific markings to be found. Waterslide decals really put the final touch on a model, and unfortunately for the modelmaker, most kit manufacturers don't put too much time into designing decals that produce a finished model in anything but it's most stereotypical form. 

That's why this business exists. It's my most sincere hope that you will be able to find as much enjoyment using these special waterslides as I have!


Autoloader Decals products are primarily focused on Canadian subjects, but in general if you're looking for markings that represent vehicles from lesser-known parts of modern history, chances are that you might just be able to find something worth trying! 

The waterslide decals are printed through an inkjet printer and sealed with high-quality varnish to ensure in their strength on the model. Unlike most other waterslides, these decals only need to be submerged for a few seconds and can be placed right onto the model. They are incredibly tough, and won't yellow over time. For an added benefit, decals intended for 1:35 scale are treated with a special varnish that gives a subtle "painted-on" look that's both in-scale and more realistic than other brands offerings. 

The Webstore

All of the products currently in production are listed in the "Store" page. If you have a custom design you would like to order, the best way of making this order is to send an email through the "Contact" page. Generally, the cost of a custom order will be 40-50% higher than any products that are in stock to account for labour.

When checking out with your purchase, you will be redirected to PayPal. You do not need to make an account to continue with the purchase. PayPal offers an option to simply input your credit card information, as one would on most other webstores!